IAGK.com (the "Domain") Sales Agreement

  1. Prior to acceptance of the agreement to purchase the Domain the Buyer is responsible for, all research necessary to ensure that you are aware of any factors affecting your registration and use of the Domain, including, but not limited to, the applicable annual registration fees required to maintain your registration and use of the Domain.
  2. Certain top-level domains (TLDs) carry abnormal registration policies, restrictions, prices and other associated fees depending on registrar. Buyer is responsible for conducting all research necessary to make themselves familiar with the rules, regulations and fees of the associated registrar for the contemplated Domain prior to entering an agreement to purchase the Domain. Buyer agrees that Seller shall not be held responsible for any abnormal registration policies, prices or fees.
  3. Due to the binding nature of the offer to purchase the Domain, Buyer should review the Domain listing carefully and perform all necessary research on suitability for intended uses to avoid mistakes before submitting a binding offer. Any such mistake does not relieve the Buyer from their obligations to purchase the Domain once a binding offer has been made.
  4. Seller makes no representations or warranties regarding the features of the Domain listed on the iVenture Consulting website. This shall apply particularly, but not exclusively, to visitor statistics and traffic statistics.
  5. Buy Now prices are understood to be end prices including any applicable taxes.
  6. All offers will be binding for (7) days as a firm offer to buy the Domain for the offered price in accordance with the conditions of the sales agreement for the Domain.
  7. Once the full amount of the purchase price owed has been received by the Escrow Service of the Seller's choosing, Buyer agrees that the transfer of the Domain will be conducted by said Escrow Service.
  8. Once the full amount of the purchase price owed has been received by the Escrow Service, the process of transferring ownership of the Domain from the Seller to the new owner (the Buyer) shall commence. Seller shall then instruct the Buyer of the Domain as to the required steps and best practices involved in the technical domain name registration transfer process. Seller can only ensure the prompt and orderly transfer of Domain ownership if Seller's instructions to the Buyer are strictly followed. As such, the Buyer is obligated to provide the required cooperation to the Seller. Failure to cooperate may be considered by the Seller as a material breach of the relevant purchase and sales agreement.
  9. Transfer of domain ownership is transfer of control of the domain, and once the Buyer has control over the purchased domain, he/she cannot claim that the Seller has not performed his duties under this Agreement based solely on the fact that the domain is not at any specific domain registrar.
  10. A successful transfer of ownership of the Domain has taken place when the Buyer has gained technical control of the Domain and is capable of updating the Domain's WHOIS record.
  11. The Buyer must complete his/her responsabilities within ten (10) days of Registrar sending the buyer an email with instructions to confirm the move. If the Buyer does not complete his responsabilities within ten (10) days, the Seller will not be obligated to extend the Domain registration period. This may result in the lapse or expiration of the Domain. Buyer will not be compensated for this loss.
  12. The transfer will not be considered a failure if the unsuccessful transfer of the Domain to the Buyer is solely due to the fact that the Buyer has not undertaken the further required cooperative actions required upon his/her part after the payment of the purchase price and any additional fees if relevant.
  13. The Buyer agrees that Seller shall have the right to publish the name of the Domain sold as well as the respective purchase price in any manner Seller chooses.
  14. All sales are considered final upon receipt of payment by the Seller. No refund is being offered.
iVenture Sales Agreement

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