iVenture Consulting is not like other web centric companies. Located in Windsor, Ontario, iVC is a privately owned business with modest resources and grand ambitions.

My name is Shawn Clarkson and I am passionate about the web, where it is going and what it can do to improve the human condition. I am not interested in running the type of business where 'a social media campaign' is essential to my success. When I made the decision to start a company, I did so with the conviction that I would conduct my business with integrity. Unlike conventional companies, I do not operate my business like I'm participating in a competition. Instead, I choose to focus my time and energy on the satisfaction of my client. I believe that seeking cooperative partnerships with others is far more productive and beneficial for my clients than fearing the competition. I firmly believe that the last thing the world needs is another company merely competing for your business. We all deserve better and that is what I intend my company to be.

With help from my wife, I operate this business entirely from my home office in order to keep our costs low and the chance of success high. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my company and please consider contacting me anytime. Whether you simply wish to introduce yourself or would like to discuss more important matters, I sincerely look forward to meeting you.